What is BESTEIN?

The BESTEIN™ Vegan Protein Line offers an array of healthier protein options. Whether you are looking for a plant-based protein or a textured protein option, we can support you in developing the finest products for your customers.

The BESTEIN™ Vegan Protein Line


Perfect for consumers who follow a vegan or dairy-free diet. They are nutrient-dense, high in fiber, and no lactose. Choose more than one vegan protein to maximize your protein profile.


Our QA/QC team performs regular testing to ensure that nutrition, taste, texture, color, and solubility of our vegan proteins perform consistently and exceed quality expectations.


Our vegan proteins offer consistent and neutral taste profiles. Also, a smooth texture makes them suitable for many applications and desirable for consumers.


Our team can recommend the right vegan protein to help you achieve your product goals.


Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Glyphosate Free, Vegan, and Kosher options are available.
In addition, our facilities are NSF cGMP certified.