Chickpea Protein

BESTEIN™ Chickpea Protein, also known as garbanzo beans, used in hummus, has been popular in Middle Eastern countries for ages. Chickpea Protein is emerging as a leading alternative for pea protein. Compared to pea protein, it provides more fiber, potassium, less sodium, and a more clean and smooth taste. The nutty flavor and grainy texture blend well with many savory food applications. Chickpeas also provide a variety of B vitamins and minerals and soluble fiber. Chickpeas contain all of the essential amino acids, rich in lysine and arginine but low in methionine. It’s also a great source of iron.

Applications: Sports Nutrition, Meat substitutes, RTD’s, Yogurt, Bars, Baked Goods, Snacks, Pastas, and Soups

Health Goals:

Weight Management

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